The Decolonization of Israel has Begun


For three quarters of a century, an Anglo-Saxon colony, now a US arsenal, has been trying to conquer all the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and part of Iraq).

Provocative statements from Turkey against Greece continue


The Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar during his visit to a Turkish naval base, spoke of "harassment in the Aegean" in recent days, which he described as a "very serious challenge", adding that he could not "explain them".

Coronavirus and Dodgy Death Numbers


Not only are the coronavirus models being used by WHO and the most national health agencies based on highly dubious methodologies, and not only are the tests being used of wildly different quality, that only indirectly confirm antibodies o

UN accuses EU of putting migrant lives at risk


The United Nations has warned European countries about violations of international humanitarian law, based on the decision to reject rescued migrants in the Mediterranean.