New Blitzkrieg: US generals spoke about a future war against Russia and China

Friday, 7 October, 2016 - 14:15

US generals have said that a future war against Russia and China will be quick and lead to numerous victims.

These estimates were made at the annual conference of the Association of the US Army in Washington, DC, reports The Independent.

According to the newspaper, at the event, held on the 4th of October, the head of the United States Army Staff Mark A. Milley expressed the view that future large-scale war are  "almost inevitable".

In turn, Major General William Hicks noted that "any conflict in the near future with the use of conventional arms will flow very quickly and lead to enormous sacrifices." "We can not stop it at will," - he added.

As explained by Hicks, this is due primarily to the mass automation of means of warfare and the development of artificial intelligence.

The general said that Russia and China's achievements in military construction and the creation of new technologies "have forced"  the White House to begin preparations for a war of such magnitude that the US military has not seen since the Korean War.

According to  Deputy Chief of Staff, US Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson army, the United States are "faced with existential threats" from countries that "are aggressive in regard to competition in the military sphere," such as Russia.

The rapid development of Russia and China could lead to the fact that the United States will lose its dominance in the air, and it would cause problems for the army and navy, he said.