Russia returns the military base to Egypt

Monday, 10 October, 2016 - 13:30

It was reported, that this information is about the former Soviet base in the town Sidi Barrani, which was previously used to observing the ships of the US Navy.

According to the source in the Russian Defense Ministry, «negotiations about the Russian participation in the restoration of the Egyptian military facilities in the Mediterranean coast (the region of Sidi Barrani) are holding quite successfully. The base can start its working in the case of agreement with the conditions of both sides in 2019».

It should be reminded, that the first airborne teachings of Russia and Egypt are going to be soon. They will be the first for the Russian paratroopers which will take place on the territory of the African desert.

In addition to it, the decision about the place of the permanent naval base in the Syrian Tartous was accepted.

Previously, the work about the return of bases in Cuba and Vietnam was announced.