Syrian Army Wins back More Land in Eastern Aleppo, Pushes to Encircle Jirah Airbase

Wednesday, 29 March, 2017 - 14:30

The Syrian Army soldiers are on the march through Eastern Aleppo, liberating village after village from the ISIL and tightening noose on the strategic Jirah military airport.

In a bid to surround Jirah Airbase for an upcoming assault, the Syrian Army Tiger Forces took full control of the villages of Jubb Madi and Zarkieh on Tuesday following the liberation of two nearby villages.

Pro-government fighters of the Al-Baqir tribe were also involved in the offensive.

Local sources reported that hundreds of ISIL terrorists have reportedly left Aleppo province over the past week in order to deal with an urgent situation around al-Tabaqa city where Kurdish forces are increasingly active.

Meanwhile, the army is yet to conclude its demining work at the highly booby-trapped city of Deir Hafer, preventing civilians from returning to the former ISIL bastion.

The sources said on Tuesday that following the capture of Rasm al-Khamis al-Qarbi, the army soldiers pushed further Eastwards and subsequently expelled ISIL militants from another village adjacent to the M4-Highway.

They added that moving ever closer to Jirah Airbase, the army men managed to wrestle control over the neighboring village of Rasm al-Khamis al-Sharqi last night.

The sources went on to say that clashes continued near the important village of Mahdum, while government forces at set to enter the Maskanah Plains en route to Raqqa province.

Source: Farsnews.