Gasanov Kamran

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Will Trump turn DPRK into an “economic rocket”? 26.02.2019 English
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The EU has nothing to answer the United States for lowering the level of diplomatic relations 09.01.2019 English
Trump has softened the blow to relations between Russia and the EU 28.12.2018 English
Trump threw Macron to "be torn apart" by Erdogan 24.12.2018 English
Why Trump Got Rid of 'Mad Dog' Mattis 21.12.2018 English
"Matriarchy" In Germany: Merkel transferred power to "Merkel 2.0" 07.12.2018 English
G20 results: The truce in Idlib and in the US-China trade war extends 04.12.2018 English
Provocations in Syria And Aggravation in Kerch: How is Britain Involved? 26.11.2018 English
In the United States offered to resolve the issue with Iran by the hands of Russia 23.11.2018 English
Netanyahu will save himself at the cost of new blood in Gaza and Syria 20.11.2018 English
The Khashoggi Murder: Is Britain Punishing Bin Salman For Friendship With Russia? 16.11.2018 English